1 killed, 2 seriously injured in Georgia car accident

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When a driver loses control of a vehicle, he or she may become frightened and often over-corrects. In doing so, this might cause the vehicle to be in a far worse position than it was when the driver first lost control. As many Georgia residents already know, these situations can cause either loss of life or serious injury in a car accident.

A recent crash that took place on U.S. Highway 80 may be one such example of this type of scenario. According to Georgia State Patrol, a 59-year-old driver was traveling westbound shortly before 2:30 p.m. when, for reasons still under investigation at this time, the vehicle swerved off of the highway and onto the shoulder. The vehicle hit a sign post before the driver over corrected and returned the vehicle back into the flow of traffic.

This vehicle then glanced off one vehicle before sending both vehicles across the center median and into opposing traffic. The two vehicles then slammed into a third vehicle head-on. Unfortunately, the woman driving the vehicle that originally went off the road died at the scene of the crash. The drivers were the only people occupying the other two vehicles involved, and they both suffered injuries. Both of them were transported to an area hospital to be treated for reportedly non-life threatening injuries.   The natures of each driver’s injuries as well as their current conditions are not available at the time of this report.

Depending on their injuries, the two drivers who survived this car accident could be facing a long recovery.  Each of them is well within his or her rights to file a personal injury claim against the estate of the deceased driver in an effort to recover the damages incurred as a result of the crash.  If negligence is proved and monetary damages are awarded, it could help relieve the financial impact that inevitably accompanies such tragedies.

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