Georgia car accident kills 4 in Murray County

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The causes of many crashes are rarely ever determined by just the physical evidence available at hand. Sometimes, what is needed are witness statements to help authorities clear up and fill in the gaps of necessary information. A car accident may be caused by a moment of distraction or having difficulty dealing with inclement weather, but drawing conclusions without appropriate evidence to back them up could be problematic.

A recent crash may be just as unclear to solve. According to the Georgia State Patrol, a fatal two-vehicle crash took place in Murray County on a local roadway during a recent Thursday afternoon. The details of this accident are very limited at the time of this report, as there was only one survivor and no reported witnesses.

The crash caused the death of the driver and three of the four teens in the second vehicle. The surviving girl was transported to an area hospital by helicopter. The extent of her injuries and her current condition are not available at this time.

Until the Georgia State Patrol concludes their investigation, the initial cause, and which party may be determined responsible for the car accident, may not be known. This might take some time and cause even more grief for the family members that are surely struggling to cope with the tragedy. When the details become available, the families of the deceased victims may then exercise their right to file wrongful death claims against the driver deemed responsible. The seriously injured teen has a similar right to proceed with a personal injury claim. Any monetary award may help to defray the financial burdens typically seen in such tragedies.

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