2 lives lost in Georgia car accident

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It can sometimes be a mystery why car crashes occur.  Often, it is only after the physical data is analyzed that a cause may be determined.  This is especially true when there are no witnesses to a fatal car accident.

One such accident left a Georgia community without two of its prominent business people.  According to the Georgia State Patrol, a two vehicle crash left no survivors.  Prelminary reports indicate that the 74-year-old driver and farmer was driving northbound on Georgia Highway 49 when the crash occurred.

The Toyota pickup truck reportedly veered into the opposing lane on a turn, directly into the path of another vehicle. The Toyota slammed into the other vehicle and caused both vehicles to burst into flames.  The driver of that vehicle was a local and respected city councilwoman, driving a Lincoln Towncar.  Unfortunately, the impact killed both drivers, and there were no known witnesses to the accident.

Since there were no witnesses to give an account of the crash, the Georgia State Patrol may have to rely solely on the evidence available at the scene to determine the cause of the accident.  It could take some time for officials to complete their task.  The families of the two deceased drivers may never know all of the details.

However, not all of the details are necessary in order for the family of the city councilwoman to file a wrongful death claim against the estate of the farmer.  In a civil action, the burden of proof is not as stringent as it would be in a criminal proceeding, so proving negligence may not be as challenging.  If the court finds by a preponderance of the evidence that the deceased farmer was negligent in this tragic car accident, damages may be awarded to the councilwoman’s surviving family.

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