3 children lost in fatal accident on Georgia’s Athens Highway

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Any car accident that results in a fatality is devastating. It me be even more heartbreaking when a child is among the victims of a fatal accident. No Georgia parent should ever have to outlive his or her child, and it is a loss that may never quite heal for parents who are forced to face their futures without their beloved child.

Three families face these tragic circumstances after a recent accident on Georgia’s Athens Highway. The 34-year-old driver of an SUV crossed over into the path of a tractor-trailer. The driver of the 18-wheeler was not able to avoid colliding head-on with the SUV. The impact was severe enough to cause the big rig to overturn.

The two adults and two of the three children in the SUV succumbed to fatal injuries at the scene. One of the children managed to survive the crash. Even though the child was taken by helicopter to an area hospital, the injuries the child suffered were simply too severe. That child also died. While the family relationship of the SUV occupants, if any, was not reported, none of the passengers shared the same last name as the 34-year-old woman who was operating the vehicle.

Georgia authorities are unsure why the SUV veered into oncoming traffic, and since no one survived the crash, they may never know. It may be impossible to give the families of the children some hope of closure by giving them a reason why their children are dead. The families of the passengers, however, are entitled to pursue wrongful death claims. If they prevail in their civil actions against the estate of the driver, the court may award the families the financial damages that typically result from a fatal accident, such as funeral and burial costs and other financial losses.

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