Multiple car and truck accident injures 6 in Georgia

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Keeping a driver’s full attention on the road ahead is what most Georgia residents may remember hearing from their driving instructor. Whether it was their father or a high school teacher, the advice was usually the same. The result of not paying attention could be a car or truck accident.

For one Georgia woman, leaving her apartment complex in Bibbs County might have seemed like a mundane task; however, as the woman was driving her Oldsmobile Achiva away from the entrance to her apartment complex, she inadvertently pulled out directly in front of a logging truck. The truck driver had little or no time to react. Even though he attempted to avoid the obvious collision about to happen, he was unable to divert the truck from slamming into the Oldsmobile. Unfortunately, the truck did not stop there. It kept going due to the inertia of the massive logging truck and plowed into a second car.

A woman drove the second car, a Chevy Malibu, with her 7-year-old daughter and another passenger. Because of the impact with the Chevy, the truck then turned on its side, dumping part of its load of logs. Some of these logs landed on a third vehicle, a Nissan pickup truck driven by a man. Of the six people involved in this crash, only the 7-year-old daughter was reported to have suffered any critical injuries in the form of a head trauma. It is a miracle that the remaining five adults are reportedly listed in stable condition.

Fortunately, no one died in this multiple vehicle and truck accident. However, it does seem that this accident could have been avoided. Authorities may determine that the driver of the Oldsmobile is responsible for the crash. If that is the case, then all of the injured parties may file personal injury claims against the driver of the Oldsmobile for causing the accident. If any monetary restitution is awarded, it might help defray the financial burden caused any out-of-pocket or uncovered medical expenses.

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