Georgia man to be charged in fatal accident

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Many Georgia motorists are already aware of the inherent dangers of speeding. Roads are analyzed to determine what the maximum safe speed would be for the public to travel safely on certain sections of them. Driving faster than the posted speed limit could potentially cause a serious or fatal accident.

Unfortunately, many drivers exceed those posted speed limits for a variety of reasons. These same drivers are confident that they can control a vehicle at excessive speeds, but as many Georgia motorists know, that is not always the case. For instance, police believe that a driver in a recent crash thought he could control his vehicle at high speeds unfortunately, he was wrong.

According to the Gwinnett police spokesman, a 52-year-old driver was running from the site of a minor incident and decided to get around slower moving traffic by passing in the grassy median. In doing so, the driver lost control of his vehicle and veered into opposing traffic and slammed into another vehicle. A 35-year-old victim died in the collision. The impact of the crash sent the victim’s car into a nearby house, which caused a gas leak. The driver of the suspect vehicle was hospitalized for injuries he suffered in the accident.

After the driver is released from the hospital, Georgia authorities will charge the driver with vehicular homicide in the first degree, driving on the wrong side of the road and reckless endangerment. If prosecutors secure a conviction in connection with this fatal accident and the death of the victim, that conviction may be used as evidence in a related wrongful death claim filed by the family of the victim. No award made by the court can take away the pain that a family feels after losing a loved one, but any financial restitution may help defray the costs associated with their loss.

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