1 woman dead, 2 men injured in Georgia car accident

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The possible dangers of driving after dark are all too familiar for many Georgia motorists. No matter how experienced or trained a driver may be, limited visibility at night can impair a driver’s vision. Further, the probability of encountering an impaired driver tends to increase at night. These factors or any number of other issues could be the cause of a recent fatal car accident on Interstate 16.

For one 37-year-old woman driving a Honda Accord west on the interstate through Macon, this drive would turn out to be fatal. Her vehicle and a Jeep collided on the highway. A 19-year-old driver and his 19-year-old passenger in the Jeep both suffered injuries in the two-vehicle accident. As the investigation by Bibb County Sheriff’s Office investigators is still in its early stages, the cause of the crash is not clear.

At first officials believed that one vehicle was travelling in the opposite direction and crossed the center median, causing the two vehicles to crash head-on. After further investigation, it is now looking more as though both vehicles were travelling westbound at the same time. Authorities are asking any witnesses to this fatal car accident to come forward to help with some missing details regarding this crash.

Until the police can gather enough information to be able to make a determination of who was at fault, both the driver of the Jeep and the deceased woman’s family may benefit from a review of their rights and responsibilities under Georgia law related to this car accident. If the driver of the Jeep is found to be at fault, he could face civil action filed by his passenger and the family of the deceased woman. In the alternative, if the woman was at fault, the driver and passenger of the Jeep may seek damages through the filing of personal injury claims.

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