Georgia man faces charges in fatal seven-car accident

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Most Georgia motorists know the hectic morning commute to work can take its toll on drivers. The feelings can fluctuate between rushing to get to work and already wanting the day to end. These thoughts may distract drivers from concentrating on their surroundings. Distraction may have been a factor in a recent car accident that took place on a weekday morning.

According to Gwinnett Police, a 22-year-old driver is believed responsible for a multiple car wreck that took the life of another motorist. The incident began at a busy intersection with six vehicles all waiting for their light to change. At that time, the minivan driver swerved into on opposing lane of traffic and slammed into the six vehicles. The collision occurred at such a high rate of speed that the impact ejected the man from his minivan.

One of the cars that was struck by the minivan was driven by a 59-year-old-woman. The woman suffered fatal injuries and was pronounced dead at the scene. Emergency personnel took another driver to a local hospital to be treated for minor injuries that he suffered in the accident. The driver of the minivan is currently listed in critical condition at an area hospital. So far, he has been charged for multiple violations including vehicular homicide, reckless endangerment and operating a vehicle with an expired license.

While Georgia authorities determine what contributing factors played a role in this fatal car accident, the family of the deceased woman is grieving for their loss. At some point, the family may exercise its right to file a wrongful death claim against the 22-year-old driver. Any financial restitution awarded may help defray the financial burden of funeral and burial costs associated with the sudden death of their loved one.

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