Georgia car accident kills 2 on Christmas Eve

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People literally put their lives into the hands of other drivers every time they get into a car. Thousands of rides may pass uneventfully, but occasionally, a car accident occurs. A late-afternoon drive led to tragedy for two unsuspecting people riding in a car on Interstate 20 in Georgia.

According to Georgia State Patrol, a Ford Taurus was traveling eastbound in the inside lane when, for reasons unclear at this time, the car drove into the center median. The impact caused the driver to overcorrect and, in doing so, lose control of the car, which crossed over two other lanes before leaving the Interstate. The Taurus slammed into some trees and burst into flames.

Due to the car being on fire, the damage done to the remains of the victims rendered them unidentifiable at this time. The Warren County Coroner believes that the victims may have been elderly, but there is no confirmation of that fact. Until identity confirmation of the victims is obtained, they are still listed as unknown. The bodies were taken to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation’s crime lab in Atlanta for DNA forensic identification comparison.

This car accident is still under investigation by the Georgia State Patrol. Certainly depending on the relationship of the victims, the family of the deceased passenger has the option to file a wrongful death claim against the estate of the driver for the loss of their loved one. Any financial restitution awarded could help cover the costs that were undoubtedly incurred as a result of this tragic accident.

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