Georgia car accident claims life of a cyclist

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A peaceful bicycle ride can start the day off right, as many Georgia residents may know. The quiet time that some take for themselves — either to get in shape or to just enjoy the fresh air — can have a profoundly positive effect on the day. Unfortunately, some rides end in a bicycle versus a vehicle in a tragic car accident.

For one Lizella man, that morning ride would be his last. A man driving near Creekview Drive ran down the cyclist in the morning hours of Nov. 12. The cyclist was then taken to an area hospital where he died two days later from the injuries he had suffered in the crash. The driver of the car that hit the cyclist was arrested and charged with vehicular homicide in the first degree for the reported hit-and-run, failing to report an accident and following too close.

While Crawford County sheriff’s deputies continue their investigation, factors that contributed to the accident may be discovered. Authorities are asking for anyone with information on the case to come forward. Additional evidence gathered regarding this accident may be used to bolster both the criminal and potential civil litigation against the party believed to be responsible.

The driver of the vehicle involved in this hit-and-run car accident may be held civilly liable for the cyclist’s death even though criminal charges have been filed. Any criminal conviction obtained by Georgia prosecutors may be used as evidence of negligence in a civil action. If the cyclist’s family proves negligence in a wrongful death action, they may be awarded damages such as funeral and burial costs and pain and suffering.

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