3 killed in multi-car accident on I-95 in Georgia

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The very nature of an accident is that it is unpredictable. Sometimes, more than one accident can happen within a short distance. A perfect example of this occurred on Interstate 95 where it and U.S. 17 meet. It was there that a seven-car accident took place. This crash took at least three lives and an unknown number of people were injured.

It is theorized that a multiple car accident was triggered, at least in part, by an earlier accident a few miles ahead. The earlier accident was reported to still be in the cleanup stages when this wreck took place around 3 p.m. According to the Georgia State Patrol, the catalyst for this crash is still uncertain. In a preliminary report, the seven vehicles included three semi-trucks, a large pick-up truck towing a camper, two cars and an SUV.

The series of events leading to the crash is speculation at this point, but one report indicates a semi-truck was rear ended by a pickup with a camper. The pickup’s camper was then hit by a car, which car was hit by yet another car. That last passenger vehicle was then run over by a semi approaching the wreckage from behind. The vehicle ended up being dragged by the semi because it was pinned under the semi’s cab. At this time, no one can even identify the make of the car that was flattened by the 18-wheeler.

The Georgia State Patrol is continuing their investigation, and it may be some time before the police are able to sort out exactly what happened and when. Due to the amount of data and wreckage to sift through, the families of the deceased people and those who suffered injuries in this car accident may have to wait for answers. Civil actions may be filed against the party or parties deemed responsible and/or culpable in this accident. Successfully litigated claims could result in an award of damages allowing at least some financial recovery for the victims and the families of the deceased.

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