Georgia driver dies in tractor trailer accident in Gwinnett

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It is an unfortunate reality that accidents happen every day around the country. Each year, thousands of car and truck accidents take lives and cause injuries. Recently, as a semi-truck driver traveled through a small Georgia town, he became involved in a car vs. tractor trailer accident that had fatal results.

As authorities continue to investigate this accident, it has already been documented that the victim’s car had been travelling south on Interstate 85. The 40-year-old Marietta resident was in the right hand lane when the driver of the big rig apparently failed to indicate that he was moving into the same lane. By doing so, the truck driver is said to have forced the car onto the shoulder of the road.

As the car lost control, it whipped back onto the roadway and ended up under the trailer of the 18-wheeler. The car became engulfed in flames with the driver trapped inside. It is unknown if the 35-year-old truck driver, a resident of Manton, suffered any injuries. The current criminal charges include a count of vehicular manslaughter in the second degree, in addition to a failure to use his turn indicator and an unsafe lane change.

As the investigation and criminal proceedings move forward, the family of the deceased Georgia man is likely following the progress while making final arrangements for their loved one. In order to attempt to relieve some of the financial burden that often accompany a fatal tractor trailer accident, the deceased driver’s family may file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the semi-truck. The truck driver’s employer may also be joined in any civil action through the legal doctrine of vicarious liability wherein the employer may be held liable for the actions of an employee.

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