Fatal accident involving a truck claims life of Georgia teen

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A momentary distraction for a driver could quickly turn into the cause of someone losing their life. A collision leading to a fatal accident can occur at a moment’s notice, and an innocent bystander could be left with deadly injuries. This was unfortunately the case for a Georgia teen after he was reportedly struck by a vehicle while he and his brother were on the side of the roadway.

Reports indicated that the teen may have been sitting on a go-kart with his younger brother close by when a pickup truck collided with the go-kart. Witnesses stated that the truck came to a stop, and the teen was trapped underneath one of the tires. The boy was extracted from beneath the vehicle and given CPR by witnesses. He was later airlifted to an area medical center but unfortunately succumbed to his injuries.

At this time, the crash is still considered to be under investigation by authorities. It was reported, however, that the driver of the pickup is facing charges for vehicular homicide, and if he is found guilty, he could face serious consequences. It was not disclosed whether he sustained any injuries as a result of the collision.

The family of the 14-year-old victim is undoubtedly grief stricken after the fatal accident. Losing a family member is difficult under any circumstances, especially at such a young age. The funeral costs and other strains placed upon the family due to the accident could possibly create a bigger burden on the already harrowing situation. Financial difficulties on top of emotional challenges can further devastate a family, and they may wish to look into their legal options and Georgia wrongful death laws. This information could help point them in the best direction for moving forward.

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