Car accident between three vehicles sends 8 to the hospital

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There is a sketchy news report on a three-car accident that occurred recently, on July 23. Authorities in Georgia reported that a car accident in Savannah on that date has sent eight people to the hospital. They report that a green Saturn was pulling out of a parking lot and entering a highway in Savannah. The Saturn reportedly pulled into the path of a northbound Dodge Sprinter.

The two vehicles collided and one of them overturned into a minivan approaching form the opposite direction, according to Savannah Chatham Metropolitan Police. Three adults and five children were injured and hospitalized in the car accident. Details were not available but it appears that the driver of the Saturn may be primarily at fault by pulling into the Dodge’s right-of-way.

The extent and nature of the injuries were not yet available. Authorities indicated the matter was under investigation. It’s difficult to make any evaluations from a bare-bones description without the details. In general terms, however, the Saturn’s driver is liable to compensate each auto accident injury that occurred, including to any passengers in the Saturn. The rollover of one of the cars into a minivan can only be said to be caused by the initial right-of-way intrusion of the Saturn.

Georgia law provides that after a car accident is caused by someone’s fault those who were driving safely cannot be held to perfect reactive decision-making under the circumstances of the moment. In any event, there’s no indication at this time of anyone else contributing to causing the accident. If the at-fault driver’s automobile liability insurance is depleted without full compensation to all victims, each of the victims must turn to his or her own auto coverage or that of their household members to recover damages still due under their own underinsured motorists’ coverage.

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