Woman hospitalized with severe personal injury after accident

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When the police report sheds no light on which party was at fault in a serious accident, then other investigative procedures will need to be intensified. In the reported Georgia accident, a 62-year-old Norman Park woman suffered serious personal injury and remains hospitalized in serious condition almost a week after the two-vehicle crash. The woman’s van, a Mercury Villager, had collided with another at the intersection of Highway 33 and 133, according to the Georgia State Patrol.

The second van, a Plymouth Voyager, was driven by a 43-year-old woman from Doerun. The two vans went through the intersection at roughly the same time and collided. The right front of the Voyager hit the left front of the Mercury, according to the GSP. The State Patrol said that the traffic light appeared to be working but it was impossible to tell which vehicle had the green light.

Police did not file charges or make a determination of fault. The seriously injured woman will want to know whether she has a claim for compensation. If she was in the right of way and had the green light, then the other party will have to compensate the injured individual for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost wages and lost earning capacity.

The driver and passengers in the Voyager were treated and released. The woman in the Mercury had to be extricated from the van by fire department rescuers. The details of her injuries have not been reported but the extent of the hospital stay indicates substantial personal injury. Hopefully, when she feels better she’ll be able to say what happened barring memory loss.

In Georgia as well as elsewhere, it may be best to retain counsel early in this case. Under modern negligence concepts, the injured woman may be able to collect even if partially at fault. There may be witnesses that can be tracked down and interviewed. Also, the accident scene must be photographed along with the vehicles. In some cases, an accident reconstruction specialist may be needed to give an opinion.

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