Fatal accident causes 1 death after truck drops ladder on I-285

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When a truck drops substantial cargo or a large accessory on a busy Interstate, there’s a good likelihood that disaster will strike. A fatal accident becomes even more of a probability if the driver doesn’t stop and take immediate precautions to help prevent a mishap. In this case, Georgia State Patrol troopers are investigating the whereabouts of an unknown truck that dropped a ladder on I-285 in East Point, causing a four-car pileup and the death of a 59-year-old west Georgia woman.

The mother of the deceased victim has asked for someone to come forth and reveal information to assist in the investigation. The sister of the decedent went through hours of acute agony when she observed the massive accident on the highway and then searched unsuccessfully for news because her sister had not been heard from and could not be contacted. She lamented having to lose her sister because of someone’s careless failure to properly secure cargo on a vehicle.

Police indicated that they are making an active search for the truck driver involved in this fatal accident. He may face vehicular homicide charges when found. Police are examining the markings on the ladder that could lead them to the owner.

When there is a truck accident under these circumstances, there can be several sources of information that could lead to the apprehension of the truck driver. One source is information from co-workers or others who recognize that the truck is missing its ladder. The driver may also reconsider his or her improper response after learning of the severity of what occurred.

When a fatal accident occurs in Georgia due to a third party’s fault, the law recognizes civil remedies to compensate the decedent’s estate and family for the losses sustained. These can include pain and suffering, lost wages, lost earning capacity and medical expenses. Funeral expenses may also be available. Even if a driver is not found, there are other sources of compensation that may possibly be responsible. An experienced professional can go over all of the facts with the decedent’s family members and make an evaluation of what specific insurance sources may be available under the circumstances.

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