Fatal accident linked to slew of other hit-and-run incidents

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Investigators are still trying to piece together the long list of hit-and-run incidents that occurred across two Georgia counties recently. According to reports, they all had one thing in common — the same alleged drunk driver was behind the wheel. Additionally, a fatal accident caused by that driver took the life of a 69-year-old Georgia woman.

According to news reports, the 70-year-old alleged drunk driver first rear-ended a man. The victim of that crashed called 911. He warned authorities of the man’s intent to leave the scene. The driver went on to drive roughly 15 miles along the road and is believed to have caused eight accidents in one county and eight in another. Reports say other drivers called authorities in a panic as the driver kept going and hitting others in his path.

His Ford F-250 truck then struck a car, pushing it beneath a flatbed truck. The driver of that car was reportedly in critical condition due to his injuries from the crash, and the passenger died at the scene. The driver that allegedly caused the chain of events then hit a restaurant with his truck. This ended the path of destruction. The driver faces a slew of charges including DUI and vehicular homicide, among others.

While the criminal charges against the alleged drunk driver may result in keeping him from causing another fatal accident in the near future, there may be lingering effects for all involved. The family of the Georgia woman who died may wish to seek damages against the driver by pursuing a wrongful death claim. If they successfully litigate a civil suit, they may receive a monetary settlement that can help them with unexpected funeral costs, lost wages or medical bills incurred due to this fatal accident.

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