Bad weather may have played role in fatal accident in Georgia

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There are many factors which could potentially contribute to a car accident. Although actions taken by fellow motorists are often the most significant, other factors such as bad weather may also play a role. Poor weather conditions can hinder a driver’s vision which increases the likelihood of a car crash on the road. Bad weather may have played a role in a recent fatal accident in Georgia in late December.

The incident involved two vehicles and caused four individuals to be transported to a local medical facility to treat minor injuries. Also, one 46-year-old woman died at the scene of the accident. A car traveling on Smyrna Powder Springs Road crashed into the car which the woman was riding in. Initial reports did not specify which vehicle the other four injured people were riding in.

The authorities reported that there was extremely dense fog at the time of the accident. The police believe this may have played a significant role in the crash. However, there has not yet been a final determination of the cause of the crash. At the moment, no other contributing causes have been revealed by authorities.

Those injured in this car accident in Georgia may be able to obtain monetary reimbursement for their losses through filing personal injury lawsuits. Also, the family of the decedent of the fatal accident may be able to sue for wrongful death. Both of these approaches will require some knowledge of local court procedures and how to properly file a lawsuit. Procedure must be followed carefully in order to ensure success in such a legal action.

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