Preschool teacher killed in fatal Georgia car accident

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Teachers are an important part in the lives of children. The service teachers provide to families and children are the biggest reason why they are so important to communities throughout the state. Recently, a 23-year-old preschool teacher was the victim of a fatal accident in Georgia. The woman and three other people were involved in the head-on car collision that cost the woman her life.

The incident happened during the evening on a state highway. The teacher was driving west with her mother in the vehicle. Another car, a Crown Victoria driven by a male motorist, was reportedly passing other cars at a high rate of speed. The Crown Victoria was heading east when it crashed into the teacher’s car.

The teacher’s mother was transported from the scene by ambulance, while the other driver and his passenger were airlifted to a local medical center. Emergency service workers pronounced the preschool teacher dead at the scene. She had recently graduated from her university in 2011 and was currently enrolled in a graduate program for childhood education and was teaching preschool at a local daycare center.

While it is tragic that the children will now have one less dedicated teacher to educate them, it is likely the accident victim’s family is especially hurt. Although nothing can bring the young teacher back, the family may be able to obtain some compensation for their loss by filing a wrongful death lawsuit. Furthermore, the teacher’s mother may also be able to file a claim for the injuries she sustained in the course of this fatal Georgia accident.

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