One man dies in motorcycle accident involving van in Georgia

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When driving on the road, it is important for motorists to pay attention to their surroundings. This will typically allow them to be able to stop in time to avoid hitting other vehicles on the road. One common type of accident that occurs on the road is a rear-end collision, which may be caused by one driver not paying attention and seeing the vehicle ahead. One man was recently killed in such a rear-end motorcycle accident in Georgia in mid-November.

The incident occurred when a man riding a motorcycle was stopped for a red light at the intersection of Davis Drive and Georgia 247. The 62-year-old man was riding a 2012 Triumph motorcycle. As he was stopped in the northbound lane, a van crashed into him from behind. The collision from the 205 Chevy Astro Van pushed the motorcycle forward 363 feet down the road.

The motorcyclist was killed as a result of the collision with the van. The driver of the van also suffered some injuries; however, his injuries were not considered life threatening. He was transported to the local hospital after the crash. No other injuries have been reported as a result of the crash. Also, the police have not made any determinations as to exactly what caused the van to crash into the back of the motorcycle.

When somebody dies in a crash such as in this Georgia motorcycle accident, it is possible that the decedent’s family will be able to file for a wrongful death lawsuit. If a defendant is found to have been liable for the crash, he or she may have to pay the decedent’s family monetary compensation for their loss. This can help pay for funeral costs and other expenses related to the death of a loved one.

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