Car accident leaves Georgian teen comatose with brain injury

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Drivers who take to the nation’s roadways owe a responsibility to do what they can to prevent collisions with other drivers and pedestrians. Crashes can seem particularly tragic when they put a young person’s life and dreams on hold. Unfortunately, this is what happened to a Georgia teenager who ended up in a coma with a brain injury after a serious car accident.

The incident occurred in August when the teenager was driving on her way to a job interview. The teenager’s vehicle blew a tire which forced her to stop her vehicle on the road. Another approaching car did not see her vehicle in time to avoid a collision and struck her vehicle from behind. As a result of the crash, the teenager was transported to a local hospital where she currently remains in a coma.

The girl’s mother reported that the teenager has suffered an injury on the left side of her brain. The teenager’s condition has become more stable since the accident, according to doctors, but she is not out of the woods yet. The teenager was highly valued in the local community and had regularly volunteered at the Boys and Girls Club, while also being voted homecoming queen in her senior year of high school. Now her dreams of studying at college to become a sportscaster will have to be put on hold.

Those who are hurt in a car accident like this Georgia teenager who suffered a brain injury may be able to gain reimbursement for medical expenses by filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, in order to prevail in a court of law, a plaintiff will need to provide evidence that the defendant was somehow at fault in causing the accident. The plaintiff will need some knowledge regarding court rules of evidence and may possibly require the assistance of an attorney.

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