Car accident at Georgia highway intersection hurts 6 individuals

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Intersections have potential to be among the most dangerous places on the road. Although street signs and traffic lights usually govern traffic at intersections, it is still not an uncommon place for collisions to occur. Recently, the rules of the road broke down in Georgia: Two vehicles were involved in a car accident at an intersection.

The collision occurred at about late last month during the morning hours at a highway intersection. One car, a Taurus driven by a 69-year-old woman, was traveling east on the freeway and was trying to cross over the northbound lanes at the intersection. This is when the woman struck another car, a Lexus, traveling in a northbound lane.

The collision caused the Lexus to spin out of control. The car ended up hitting a stop sign, while continuing into a ditch at the side of the road. The 69-year-old woman’s car ended up in the middle of the freeway. Later, the woman claimed that she did not see the Lexus heading north towards the intersection.

A total of six people injured as a result of the car accident at the intersection in Georgia. The driver of the Taurus sustained an injury, however it was not considered serious. A passenger in the Taurus was transported to the local hospital via ambulance. The 40-year-old woman driving the Lexus, her two children and her husband were all sent to the hospital; however, all were later released.

Although there is currently no indication of a civil suit in this case, accident victims who are injured in an accident sometimes have the right to sue for medical and other expenses related to the accident.

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