Georgia restaurant site of a car accident injuring 2, plus driver

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Nobody is perfect, including drivers on Georgia roadways. Drivers can be completely unpredictable, which can result in a car accident. Such accidents can result in serious injury, death, and a variety of other consequences. This is what happened with a driver in Georgia who did something completely unpredictable. For an unknown reason, the woman crashed her car into a restaurant’s front window causing injury to herself and two other people.

The 47-year-old woman was parking her vehicle when, for reasons unknown, she stepped on the accelerator and drove the vehicle over the sidewalk and crashed into the restaurant. The dining establishment, which specializes in hot wings, did not have any patrons at the time of the incident. Sources state that the accident may have been much worse had the restaurant been open for lunch, as it would have been busier.

Two Express Wings & More restaurant employees were injured as a result of the accident. One employee only suffered minor injuries, while the other employee seriously injured her leg. The driver also reported injuries, however reports did not specify how serious or what type of injuries. All three were transported to North Fulton Hospital.

As of now, there have been no reports of any criminal charges or civil lawsuits stemming from this Georgia car accident. The Police Chief in the area has stated that the conclusion of the investigation will determine whether charges will be filed. For the injured workers, they may benefit from investigating their rights under Georgia law, and whether they have any recourse for monetary damages, such as a personal injury claim. Such a civil claim could help them recover any medical expenses due to this accident.

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