Georgia cop intervenes to prevent further damage in 5-car wreck

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Car wrecks involving multiple vehicles are always dangerous and have an increased chance of causing injury. The more vehicles involved in a car accident, the more dangerous it can become. This was the case in a recent crash that involved three Jeeps, a Georgia State Patrol car and a van. Though the results of the accident could have been much more catastrophic, one person was still very seriously injured.

The three jeeps were driving in different directions when the incident occurred. The jeep traveling north ran a red light at the intersection of two highways collided with another vehicle, which sent an open-top Jeep spinning out of control.

The driver of the open-top Jeep, who was traveling westbound, was flung from the vehicle into the street. Reports suggest he was not wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident.

The open-top jeep smashed into a third Jeep that was facing southbound on the other highway, waiting at a red light. Coincidentally, a Georgia State Patrol trooper happened to be driving by and saw a vehicle spinning out of control and drove his patrol car into the path of the wayward vehicle and stopped it from smashing into a van full of people.

In the immediate aftermath of the collision, the open-top Jeep’s driver was brought by helicopter to a nearby hospital. His medical condition was not released at the time of reports.

Although there have been no reports of movement toward any civil claims as yet, it is possible that the injured driver may attempt to file a personal injury suit as a result of this Georgia car accident. The fact that he apparently did not use his seatbelt may be an issue that could impact the amount he might be entitled to recover if he is able to prove negligence on the part of other parties to the collision. The right advice may assist him in understanding his rights in regard to monetary for the serious injuries he sustained.

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