Car accident comes to an end in a Georgia kitchen

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Although car crashes occur every day, sometimes there are accidents in which a car ends up in the most unexpected of places. This is what happened during a recent crash in which a car smashed into the back of a Georgia home. The car accident occurred just moments before 7:00 a.m. in early August.

Authorities have yet to discover why the car drove off the road, jumped a curb, and then crashed through some bushes and the fence of a residence. The vehicle smashed through a pair of French doors and into the kitchen, causing minor damage to the door frame. The home was occupied at the time of the crash, but none of the occupants were injured in the incident.

The driver of the vehicle had two adult passengers and one child in the car at the time of the crash. The two adult passengers were transported to a local medical facility for treatment of injuries to the neck and back. The child was unharmed, and was taken home by relatives. The power to the home was temporarily shut off as a preventative measure, but none of the residents were required to leave the premises.

There is no indication whether criminal charges will be filed in the case. Nor has there been report of any civil lawsuits against the driver of the car. Should the investigation reveal that this unusual home invasion was the result of reckless driving, driving under the influence or any other fault of the driver, it is possible that the passengers or the homeowners involved could file a number of complaints in court. Should any party decide to file a civil suit in this matter, a Georgia court will decide who is legally at fault in the car accident, as well as what damages are due to the victims.

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