Horror on the road: Georgia truck accident kills 2, injures 15

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Anytime drivers hit the road, they assume a certain amount of risk. That fact, however, does not preclude other drivers from exercising a reasonable standard of care and caution to protect the health and safety of their passengers or others on the road. The necessity for drivers to be aware of others on the road became painfully apparent in a recent fatal accident that took place on in Georgia.

The multi-vehicle accident, which was likely instigated by a semi truck driver, resulted in the death of two women and injured 15 other people.

Witness statements led police to believe the accident happened when a tractor-trailer driver ran a red light and then crashed into a sedan. The car’s passenger was killed on impact and the driver died later at a local hospital. In total, six vehicles became caught up in the accident.

The horrific crash forced local authorities to close down the street for several hours. Several units responded to the incident, including the local fire department, the sheriff’s office, city police, and the state patrol.

Ten injured people were treated on the scene. Five of these people were transported to the local hospital. Two of those brought to the hospital were children, while the other three were adults. At the time the accident victims were transported to the hospital, their injuries were considered serious.

Georgia Police have not stated if there were any contributing factors to this accident, but the accident investigation will detail any of those findings. The victims and their families likely want answers surrounding the reasons for this fatal accident. In the near future, multiple legal claims could be leveled against the truck driver for his role in this tragedy. Depending upon the results of the investigation, the possibility exists that the driver could also face criminal liability.

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