Vehicle overturns, passenger trapped in Georgia car accident

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A recent collision caused one of the two vehicles involved to overturn on the highway. At least one person was transported to the hospital to tend to injuries sustained in the car accident on the Georgia state highway. However, the extent of the person’s injuries has yet to be reported. One occupant of the overturned vehicle was trapped inside for some time.

The accident occurred at approximately in the late morning hours near the intersection of the highway and a local road. Many of the details of the incident are still unknown, as reports are still incoming. Depending upon the severity of the injuries, damage to the vehicles and how the police investigation concludes, the driver at fault could be sued for alleged damages in a Georgia court of law.

There may be other factors besides simply inattentive driving that could have caused the accident. Many times a malfunctioning part, such as faulty brakes could contribute to the cause of a collision. Authorities will have to inspect the vehicles in order to determine if any mechanical malfunction may have been a contributing factor. Investigators will also check to see if there were any skid marks which provide clues as to what direction each vehicle was traveling and at what speed they were driving.

Under Georgia’s personal injury laws, individuals may be able to issue a third-party legal claim, perhaps against the car manufacturer, for their negligence that contributed to the injuries. Even though a particular party was not present at the scene of the accident, they could still be held accountable for the role they played in a serious motor vehicle accident. Knowing that determining liability can be a complex process, it may be worthwhile to seek out legal advice to know your options for legal recourse in the event of a crash.

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