Driver on wrong side of road causes accident, Georgia deputy dies

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Authorities are still investigating the details of a head-on collision which killed a deputy police sheriff. The car crash occurred when a 23-year-old woman was driving her car on the wrong side of a Georgia Interstate highway not long ago. The 32-year-old deputy sheriff was traveling north on the freeway when he collided with the woman driving south in the same lane.

The deputy sheriff, who was also a K9 officer, died on the scene. The other driver was airlifted to a local medical center where she remained in critical condition at the time of reports. The officer’s K9 partner survived the crash, suffering some minor injuries. The sheriff’s department plans to have the dog undergo a check-up, just to ensure the dog’s health and safety.

There have been no initial reports stating alcohol was involved in the accident. However, authorities are currently awaiting the results of blood-alcohol tests performed on the woman who instigated the accident. Alcohol could provide an explanation as to why she was traveling on the wrong side of the road. Authorities also noted that the driver’s headlights were on at the time of the collision.

Although the cause of the car accident has yet to be determined, it may be possible for the family of the deceased officer could file a civil lawsuit under Georgia wrongful death laws. If they do decide to pursue this route, the outcome of the blood-alcohol test will surely play a significant role in the case. As tragic as their loss is, the officer’s family may find some comfort in the provisions afforded to them by the legal system.

Source: Savannah Morning News, “Bryan County deputy loses life in wrong-way accident,” Jamie Parker, June 16, 2012