Chain-reaction bus accident injures over 50 Georgia students

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Georgia parents take care to ensure the safety of their children. When children are at school, parents want to feel secure that their kids will be well taken care of. However, one Saturday last month, a quick series of terrifying chain-reaction bus accidents occurred. Students were taking a field trip to an amusement park in Georgia when the accidents happened on an interstate highway.

More than 50 people were injured in the bus accidents. The driver of one of the buses was airlifted to the hospital, though further details of her medical condition were not entirely clear. The crash reportedly occurred during the late morning when the driver of the lead bus slowed down. This caused a chain reaction accident, which included all six of the buses carrying students. The crash caused the westbound lanes of traffic to be completely shut down as emergency personnel responded and authorities began their investigation while attempting to clear debris from the crash.

Injured students and drivers were taken to various local hospitals for treatment. While dozens were injured in the collision, most were said to have suffered only minor injuries. There were approximately 260 students in total aboard the buses. As news of the accident spread, anxious parents eagerly awaited any amount of information from the school. Thankfully, no one perished in this massive collision.

Officials are working to determine the exact cause of this accident, though there was no initial word as to what exactly caused the accident. The substantial number of people suffering injuries could result in claims against any party who is deemed to be negligent or responsible in the events leading to the terrifying accident. After all, many parties were entrusted to protect the safety and health of the children who were looking forward to a fun day at the amusement.

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