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1 injured, 1 killed in Georgia truck accident

The shoulder of an interstate can be a dangerous place to park, even if it is just for a short while. Recently, a fatal accident occurred on Interstate 20 in the westbound lanes. The Georgia truck accident happened at about 4:45 a.m. and involved a tractor trailer that was parked on the shoulder of the roadway.

Charges pending in tractor trailer accident on I-75

Getting a flat tire while driving on a Georgia interstate can be a frightening experience. It would be easy to lose control of the vehicle, which could lead to an accident. Safely pulling onto the shoulder of the highway may seem like the end of the danger, but that is not always the case. An individual becomes vulnerable to a car or tractor trailer accident while stopped on the shoulder to change the tire.

Did a failure to maintain the truck cause 2 cars to collide?

Truck drivers are governed by a certain set of laws and regulations regarding their driving habits and the condition of their trucks. A failure to maintain the truck could be just as disastrous as a fatigued driver. For instance, a recent head-on collision on Georgia Highway 84 is believed to have been caused by an errant tire from an 18-wheeler.

Georgia State Patrol calls for help in deadly truck accident

The wreckage involved in some accidents can make it difficult to determine exactly what happened. In those cases, law enforcement agencies throughout the state request the assistance of the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team with the Georgia State Patrol to determine the cause of the crash. Troopers called in this team to help figure out how a recent truck accident occurred.

Truck driver error is often the primary cause of truck accidents

Most drivers of passenger vehicles in Georgia would agree that being too close to an 18-wheeler can make them nervous. The size of a truck alone can be intimidating, but not knowing whether the driver will make a mistake and cause an accident may be at the forefront of the minds of many drivers. In many instances, those fears are founded since truck driver error is the primary cause of accidents involving trucks.

Truck driver error leads to many accidents

Truck drivers have a tremendous responsibility to Georgia motorists and pedestrians. Everyone who uses our roadways rely on truck drivers to pay attention and to remain vigilant while operating a vehicle of immense size and weight. When an accident involving an 18-wheeler does occur, it is often due to truck driver error.

Did driver negligence kill 4 on Interstate 75?

One of the first things that any person learning to drive a vehicle, motorized or not, is taught is to always be aware of what is going around the vehicle. This can make the difference between life and death. Georgia residents most likely know that driver negligence can lead to serious injury or even death as a result of their actions.

Multiple car and truck accident injures 6 in Georgia

Keeping a driver's full attention on the road ahead is what most Georgia residents may remember hearing from their driving instructor. Whether it was their father or a high school teacher, the advice was usually the same. The result of not paying attention could be a car or truck accident.

Truck accident at Georgia's I-85 Spaghetti Junction kills 1

Semi-truck drivers are no strangers to the day-to-day hazards of driving the roadways in Georgia. The possibility of a truck accident is all too real for truckers who drive long hours in any kind of weather. While trying to make deadlines, truckers must sometimes push the clock as well as their rigs while avoiding cars, motorcycles and sometimes even other truckers.

Georgia driver dies in tractor trailer accident in Gwinnett

It is an unfortunate reality that accidents happen every day around the country. Each year, thousands of car and truck accidents take lives and cause injuries. Recently, as a semi-truck driver traveled through a small Georgia town, he became involved in a car vs. tractor trailer accident that had fatal results.

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