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2 die in fatal accident in Georgia

The Georgia State Patrol investigated a fatal accident on May 20. The accident occurred when a tractor trailer hit a van from the rear and pushed it into a 59-year-old man in a wheelchair. The fatal accident happened on Highway 21 in Screven County.

1 injured, 1 killed in Georgia truck accident

The shoulder of an interstate can be a dangerous place to park, even if it is just for a short while. Recently, a fatal accident occurred on Interstate 20 in the westbound lanes. The Georgia truck accident happened at about 4:45 a.m. and involved a tractor trailer that was parked on the shoulder of the roadway.

Police search for vehicle in fatal accident involving pedestrian

An out-of-state man who may have been staying at a hotel here in Georgia will never go home again. A fatal accident took his life. Police are searching for the vehicle and driver believed to have run him down and then left the scene.

Fatal accident takes the life of Georgia mom, injures son

There are times when Georgia pedestrians are forced to put themselves at risk of being in the same space with vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Crossing the street and walking on the shoulder of a road because there is no sidewalk are two of those times. A collision between a pedestrian and a vehicle often results in either a severe or fatal accident due to the extreme vulnerability of the person walking.

Receiving monetary compensation for the death of a loved one

Each year, numerous families in Georgia lose loved ones, and some of those losses are due to the negligence, reckless acts or even the deliberate acts of others. Depending on the circumstances, some of the parties deemed responsible face criminal prosecution. In addition to, or in lieu of, any potential criminal penalties, state law provides for the possibility of monetary compensation for your loss through the filing of a wrongful death claim in civil court.

Georgia State Patrol calls for help in deadly truck accident

The wreckage involved in some accidents can make it difficult to determine exactly what happened. In those cases, law enforcement agencies throughout the state request the assistance of the Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team with the Georgia State Patrol to determine the cause of the crash. Troopers called in this team to help figure out how a recent truck accident occurred.

Truck driver error leads to many accidents

Truck drivers have a tremendous responsibility to Georgia motorists and pedestrians. Everyone who uses our roadways rely on truck drivers to pay attention and to remain vigilant while operating a vehicle of immense size and weight. When an accident involving an 18-wheeler does occur, it is often due to truck driver error.

Couple dies in Georgia fatal accident, alcohol suspected

Under the best of circumstances driving Georgia's Interstates can have its dangers. When a driver gets behind the wheel after drinking, it only increases the hazards to others on the road. The possibility of a fatal accident occurring when a drunk driver is behind the wheel of a motor vehicle escalates exponentially.

Drugs said to be cause of fatal accident in Georgia

A great deal of attention is paid to drivers who are intoxicated on the roadways.  However, it is not only alcohol that can impair a driver.  A Georgia driver under the influence of drugs is just as likely to cause a fatal accident as one who has consumed too much alcohol.

Alleged reckless acts of driver caused death of Georgia man

Motorists in Georgia are required to abide by strict road safety laws, and violating any of them may lead to legal action. It is not uncommon for accidents that result from a disregard of traffic regulations to result in severe injuries or even fatalities. A man from Valdosta is facing several criminal charges after allegedly committing reckless acts while driving.

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