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Dealing with eye injuries: The impact of a crash on the eyes

One of the most common reasons for eye trauma during a crash is the release of an airbag. When the airbag releases, it inflates at up to 200 mph. The bag can go from being inside the vehicle to fully inflated in a literal blink of the eye. Once it deploys, it begins to deflate immediately, helping absorb the shock from your body falling forward onto it without as much direct impact to the steering wheel or dashbord.

Georgia multiple car accident injures 5

This may sound obvious, but paying attention to not only the road ahead, but to all of the other vehicles on the road, can be a matter of survival. Georgia residents know to watch the road ahead while checking their side mirrors at all times for potential dangers and obstacles. This may be the best way to prevent a car accident and save the lives of those they love.

1 dead, 1 critical after Georgia motorcycle crash

Every driver, regardless of what kind of vehicle they are driving, has a responsibility to the other vehicles on the road. Failure to exercise due care on the roadways could easily lead to an accident. The Georgia State Patrol has reason to believe that a motorcycle rider may have been driving recklessly shortly being involved in a motorcycle crash.

Man dies in fatal motorcycle accident in Georgia

Motorcycles have as much right to Georgia roads as any other vehicles. Cars, larger passenger vehicles and semi-trucks must keep a vigilant look out for smaller vehicles like bicycles and motorcycles. A motorcycle accident can easily happen when people over look these smaller vehicles or claim that they never saw them in the first place.

Georgia officer injured in motorcycle accident

The basic rules of the road apply to all who are on streets and highways. This applies equally to tractor-trailers, SUVs, cars, motorcycles and even bicycles. As most Georgia motorists know, it is important to watch out for those smaller vehicles. A driver may not have been paying adequate attention to one of those smaller vehicles when a recent motorcycle accident occurred.

Man in motorcycle crash with wall, sister is ejected and dies

Motorcycle accidents can have the most unpredictable results due to the fact that the driver and passenger are not tied to the vehicle. Dangerous ejections occur quite frequently. On Saturday morning, Aug. 21 at about 1:30 a.m., a man was operating a motorcycle on Georgia 400 near Holcomb Bridge Road. He apparently left his lane and caused a motorcycle crash with a median wall. In a tragic occurrence, his 28-year-old sister -- a resident of Alpharetta -- was ejected from the bike and run over by an SUV.

Truck accident results in 1 dead, 1 seriously injured

Some accidents can't be avoided, no matter how careful a person drives. In one recent Georgia accident a Dearing woman was an innocent victim who could not avoid a truck accident in which her Chevrolet SUV was hit by a jack-knifing 18-wheeler. The scenario of events was started when a 43-year-old man ran his Ford Crown Victoria through a stop sign into the path of the truck that was heading north on Wrens Highway at McDuffie. When the truck crashed into the Ford, it jack-knifed and collided with the oncoming Chevrolet SUV.

Trauma care can save lives of auto accident injury victims

In addition to first responders, the most important actors in the post-accident process for a serious accident are the medical providers. In Georgia and throughout the nation, the subject of auto accident injury is more visible right now because May is National Trauma Awareness Month. That is why an ABC news affiliate in Augusta visited the Georgia Regents Trauma Center to see more precisely how trauma doctors are saving lives every day.

Aggressive driving of ambulance causes patient to be ejected

It's a sure bet that a patient being transported to a hospital in an ambulance has no expectations of being ejected violently from the vehicle before getting to the destination, nor that the driver could be charged with driving too fast for conditions. That did happen in Georgia, however, when a privately-owned ambulance was traveling on I-575 near Ga.140, with a patient and two medics aboard. The ambulance driver was apparently guilty of aggressive driving, and after failing to negotiate a curve, went off the road and hit several trees, ejecting the patient in the process.

Fatal accident in Georgia may result in personal injury lawsuit

It is important for motorists to obey all traffic signs when driving on the road. The signs are designed to make sure there is no confusion while motorists are sharing the roadways. This helps to avoid traffic accidents by ensuring that vehicles do not end up hitting each other and potentially causing personal injury lawsuits. However, it only takes one person to disobey the traffic signs just once to potentially cause injury or even death. One recent incident in Georgia proved just that when a fatal accident killed two children and injured three other individuals.

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