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Dealing with eye injuries: The impact of a crash on the eyes

One of the most common reasons for eye trauma during a crash is the release of an airbag. When the airbag releases, it inflates at up to 200 mph. The bag can go from being inside the vehicle to fully inflated in a literal blink of the eye. Once it deploys, it begins to deflate immediately, helping absorb the shock from your body falling forward onto it without as much direct impact to the steering wheel or dashbord.

Even a low speed car accident can result in serious injuries

Oftentimes, when one hears of injuries related to a traffic accident, one pictures a chaotic scene involving several vehicles. However, even a low speed car accident can cause serious injuries to the spine or soft tissue. There are countless Georgia residents who have suffered physical impairment from an accident that did not initially appear to be serious.

Severe spinal cord injuries: 1 possible outcome of car crashes

According to statistics from 2012, the overall cost of property damages related to car accidents is estimated to be approximately $277 billion every year. That does not include the often horrific injuries caused by car crashes, including possibly severe spinal cord injuries. There are countless Georgia travelers who have suffered severe physical harm that resulted from the actions of another motorist.

Georgia man arrested for drunk driving crash that injured drivers

Georgia travelers are aware of the dangers that impaired or distracted drivers can pose to their safety. Unfortunately, that awareness cannot always prevent a serious car crash from occurring. Recently, one 18-year-old man was arrested on suspected drunk driving after purportedly causing a wreck that injured two other drivers.

Georgia officials looking for driver after fatal car accident

There are times in life when a simple decision can result in unimaginable consequences. The choice to travel with an individual does not usually end in a serious car accident that causes critical or even fatal injuries. Unfortunately, a recent crash resulted in one person dying and another suffering unknown injuries while Georgia officials look for the driver involved.

Georgia man arrested; faces charges for fatal car accident

One never knows when a simple decision can lead to a life-changing catastrophe. When a motorist chooses to drink and drive, any resulting car accident often winds up hurting or even killing another party. Georgia police recently arrested and charged a man in connection with a fatal wreck that occurred earlier this year.

Georgia takes steps to reduce car accidents caused by negligence

Every day, there are reports of another serious car accident caused by a distracted driver. Georgia is now taking steps to help reduce this type of negligence behind the wheel. The rising rate of serious and fatal injuries is the catalyst behind the need for tougher regulations.

Georgia worker suffers critical injuries after car accident

Those who are employed in road construction work often face harsh conditions and serious hazards. One of the greatest risks that these workers encounter on a daily basis is the chance of being injured in a car accident. One Georgia worker recently suffered serious injuries after a crash.

A serious car accident can result in lasting personal injury

Ask anyone who has been involved in a serious car accident about their experience, and one may learn about one or more physical consequences that he or she endured. According to medical providers, there are several common types of personal injury that an accident victim may suffer. Georgia residents who have suffered these injuries are often also forced to struggle with monetary damages that accompany these types of frightening events.

Brain injury may result from negligent driver

Each year, nearly two million deaths and hospital visits related to head trauma occur in the United States, including in Georgia. Unfortunately, these injuries can have long-term consequences for their victims. Brain injury comes in many forms and can easily result from a car accident caused by driver negligence.

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