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Georgia car accident kills 2 in head-on collision

The impact of two vehicles hitting head-on is often deadly due to the sheer force of the impact. Sadly, Georgia roadways are sometimes the scene of such accidents. A recent fatal car accident happened in Harris County on a recent Friday morning.

Georgia car accident leaves two dead

Sometimes, when a fatal accident occurs, it is difficult for authorities to determine who caused the accident. In some cases, however, determining which driver caused a car accident is extremely easy. In a recent accident that occurred in southern Georgia, the driver who acted negligently is fairly obvious.

Georgia accident victims may underestimate whiplash

A Georgia resident can suffer any number of serious injuries in a car accident. When people think of serious injuries, they often think of head trauma, spinal cord injuries or even burns. Of all the possible physical calamities that can befall an accident victim, the most underestimated injury might just be whiplash.

Drivers will text despite increased car accident risk

The human brain is an amazing thing, in a number of ways. We are able to take in and process a great deal of information in a very short period of time -- a skill that allows us to operate a motor vehicle with a high degree of safety. There are limits, however, to the volume of information that can be handled by our brains, and adding tasks on top of that threshold can lead to an increased risk of being involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, many drivers overestimate the powers of the human brain when it comes to multitasking, and they may increase the risk level for all drivers and passengers, in Georgia and elsewhere.

Fog may have contributed to deadly Georgia car accident

Weather conditions such as heavy rains and thick fog can greatly reduce a Georgia driver's visibility. Under these conditions, drivers need to take extra precautions in order to avoid a car accident that could cause serious injuries or even death to the parties involved. Unfortunately, some drivers are not as cautious as they should be when the weather is bad.

Car accident on U.S. Hwy 319 in Georgia includes fatalities

Head-on collisions have the potential of resulting in serious or fatal injuries. In the aftermath of this type of car accident, the families of the victims are sometimes left wondering what happened since the investigation at the scene did not readily reveal a cause. A recent accident on Georgia's U.S. Highway 319 was both serious and fatal, and the families may not yet have all the answers they need regarding what happened.

1 killed, 2 seriously injured in Georgia car accident

When a driver loses control of a vehicle, he or she may become frightened and often over-corrects. In doing so, this might cause the vehicle to be in a far worse position than it was when the driver first lost control. As many Georgia residents already know, these situations can cause either loss of life or serious injury in a car accident.

Georgia car accident kills 2 and injures 4

Car crashes seem to happen almost daily due to drivers who consumed alcohol prior to getting behind the wheel of a vehicle. Most Georgia drivers are told the dangers of drinking and driving as a part of learning to drive and prior to getting their driver's license. Some drivers seem to either forget this or ignore the consequences, which can lead to a serious or deadly car accident.

Mother and daughter killed in Georgia car accident

The cause of a crash is what accident investigators try to determine since the answer may not be immediately obvious or discernible. Some crashes take time for the collision reconstructive team to determine the cause and which party was responsible. A recent car accident will likely be no different for the Georgia State Patrol's specialized team.

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