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Georgia police looking for driver who caused fatal car accident

One of the most dangerous sections of many routes and rural highways are intersections. No matter the care that most motorists exercise to avoid causing a collision, there are others who are not as diligent. Georgia officials are currently seeking the commercial truck driver who is believed to have caused a fatal car accident.

Georgia bus accidents may be fault of impaired drivers

When Georgia residents opt to travel by public or chartered transportation, they may often believe that they are safer than driving themselves to popular destinations. Unfortunately, no one is immune to the dangers that impaired drivers pose, especially in light of recent bus accidents that were caused by drivers under the influence. The most recent wreck injured more than 12 golfing fans on their way to the Masters Tournament.

Though not common, bus accidents can cause critical injuries

Every day, countless Georgia commuters and school students board their usual buses in order to get to their destinations. Though they are not a common occurrence, bus accidents do happen, and they can result in passengers suffering devastating injuries. Recently, a collision caused a beloved coach to be critically injured.

Serious bus accidents can cause devastating losses

Parents of school-aged children have many concerns when it comes to raising their children. Thoughts of the possibilities of serious bus accidents probably never factor into the multiple worries parents have when their children are away at school. Sadly, one Georgia family will never be the same after one such tragedy.

Amtrak under fire for safety after multiple train accidents

Recently, Georgia train commuters likely heard the news of a serious derailment accident that killed three people and injured dozens more. This latest wreck follows a series of train accidents that the National Transportation Safety Board has blamed on the seemingly indifference to safety that is purportedly prevalent throughout Amtrak's organization. The federal agency has taken the company to task over the number of crashes that may have been avoided if safety measures were implemented and enforced.

Car accident involving a commercial vehicle can result in tragedy

A commercial vehicle accident in Georgia, such as one involving a car and a bus or truck, can easily take place if the driver of the commercial vehicle is negligent behind the wheel. The sheer size of the vehicle makes it especially dangerous to other motorists on the road, thus potentially leading to serious injuries and even death. An individual who has been hurt in a car accident involving a commercial vehicle -- or the loved ones of a person who has died in such an accident -- has the right to seek to hold the allegedly at-fault party accountable in civil court.

5 dead when small jet plane crashes off runway after landing

When a small private jet crashes, it's often caused by weather, logistics, or mechanical problems confronted during the takeoff or in mid-air. When such a plane crashes after it's made a seemingly safe landing and traveled the course of the runway, the initial shock to family, friends, and even investigating officials will likely be heightened by a magnified sense of disbelief. This occurred in eastern Georgia recently when a small jet crashed off the end of a runway after making its landing, killing five people and injuring two.

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